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First Rent a Car AB


Scott and Future Logistics has provided me with several services within transport. He has always delivered in time with perfect results and has a great knowledge for customer service. He always comes up with an solution when needed. I truly recommend Scott Lindahl  and Future Logistics for transport services! 

Mikael Hernberger - Corporate Manager

MAN Rental / Euro Leasing

 Future Logistics is the natural selection for me and MAN Rental / Euro-Leasing in Sweden, when it comes to moving trucks within the Country. We have had a close cooperation for a few years and there has never been any problems what so ever. Scott, you and Future Logistics has helped us in various situations and we are truly happy about our cooperation. I recommend Scott and Future Logistics for any transport services you might need! 

 Bobby Herrström -
Regional Sales Manager
Southern Sweden

Volvo Group Trucks Purchasing

 I had the opportunity to work with Scott  on a regular basis as a logistics customer and he always made decisions with the Customer best interest in mind. He was always very innovative in his approach to business and managing Customers relationships. He has an instinctive ability to effectively communicate and he provides leadership and feedback at the most appropriate times. He his a lovable guy with a huge social skills and great leadrship. I recommend Scott in all logistics assignments//

George Gwes - Senior Purchaser

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